Architects Soini & Horto


As Oy Espoon Saunamajuri
Espoo, Saunalahti

After a sophisticated and multi-staged design process, a residential block with 52 right-of-occupancy homes
and a shared parking garage under the yard deck were completed in Saunalahti, Espoo.

The building is partly five storeys and partly seven storeys high, and it is connected to a block of three houses. Saunamajuri has one to four-room apartments, sized from 32 to 80.5 m2. All apartments have a balcony or private terrace and a small courtyard. There is also a common courtyard in the middle of the block.

Name: As Oy Espoon Saunamajuri
Location: Espoo, Saunalahti
Year: 2018
Phase: Completed
Size: 3400 m2
Client: Avain Asumisoikeus Oy
Santtu Rothsten, principal designer
Ilona Karjalainen, responsible building designer
Ansa Piispa, designer and BIM manager
Mikko Tuomisto, project assistant