Architects Soini & Horto


As Oy Helsingin Laivalahdenkaari 1
Helsinki, Herttoniemi

This invitation-only competition organised by Sato Oy looked for a high-quality cityscape design for a rental apartment complex situated in a central place at Herttoniemenranta. Our sculptural suggestion was found fresh and attractive, and it was chosen as the winning plan for the competition.

The city plan allowed some design freedom. We aimed to give the block a versatile and recognisable design with different floor heights and with floors centered into the end of the blocks. The façade was given interesting and surprising elements such as triangle-shaped balconies.


The apartments consist of studio and one-bedroom apartments. Bigger family apartments are situated in most cases on the corners of the buildings and they benefit from bigger balconies. Some of the smaller apartments have French balconies.  There are 140 apartments in the complex. The facade is mainly light in colour with some fresh colour effects on the retractions. The lowest parts of the buildings were equipped with green roofs.


In addition to apartments and utilities, there is plenty of retail space available at the street level. The parking space is situated underground.  There is a public park in the middle of the block. Planning of the park was part of the competition task.


Name: As Oy Helsingin Laivalahdenkaari 1
Location: Helsinki, Herttoniemi
Year: 2019
Phase: Completed
Size: 7700 m2
Client: Sato Oyj
Partner: Byman & Ruokonen Oy, landscape architects
Jari Paukkonen, principal designer
Raimo Kasanko, responsible building designer
Mikko Tuomisto, design assistant
Anu Virtanen, design assistant