Architects Soini & Horto


Pyynikin Trikoo, As Oy Tampereen Pyynikin Patruuna and Pyynikin Mestari

An old industrial property built at the beginning of the last century will be transformed into high-quality residential apartments. Pyynikin Patruuna with its 70 apartments will be completed in 2020, and Pyynikin Mestari with its 48 apartments in 2021.

Asunto Oy Tampere Pyynikin Patruuna and Pyynikin Mestari belong to Pyynikki Trikoo’s oldest building stock. After the end of industrial operations in the 1980s and 1990s, buildings have been put to new use. Buildings are protected by city planning, which is why renovation and alteration work must take into account the preservation of the character of the buildings from the viewpoint of the city.

The exterior walls of the buildings are massive brick walls and columns, intermediate floor slabs and joists are made of concrete. Of the interior structure, only the supporting frame will be left. The apartments will be connected by a central corridor and all of them will have either a French balcony, a small balcony or a roof terrace. Pyynikin Mestari will also have a sauna and a gym, which can be used by residents of both buildings. The brick-walled parts of the facade will be renovated and the plaster will be renewed throughout. The roof will be rebuilt with roof terraces, including storage, and a new machine room.  The ground floor slab and roof will be completely rebuilt. The courtyards will be renewed to fit with the landscape plan.

Name: Pyynikin Trikoo, As Oy Tampereen Pyynikin Patruuna and Pyynikin Mestari
Location: Tampere
Year: 2018-
Phase: On going
Size: 5805 m2 and 5525 m2
Client: Aberdeen Standard Investments
Jukka Leiwo, principal designer
Ilona Karjalainen, responsible building designer (Patruuna)
Sonja Vasiljevic, responsible building designer (Mestari)
Boro Sanchis, project architect
Karoliina Härkälä, project architect
Carl von Numers, project architect
Minerva Ahokanto, project architect
Sakari Kangasmetsä, project architect
Ansa Piispa, designer
Kustaa Lahtinen, designer
Assi Lindholm, design assistant
Jari Pakarinen, 3D visualization
Otso Jylhä, 3D visualization