Architects Soini & Horto



A land use plan for the western part of Aviapolis is being drawn up. The area is currently a small industry and logistics business area and will be developed as a housing and service area. The goal is to create a diverse, international and lively area for living and working. There is also a school and kindergarten in the area. The main themes of the design are city, villages, and communality, high-quality and flexible street space, international, high-quality architecture and new parking solutions and intelligent mobility as well as up-to-date facilities.

In the first phase of the planning work, an overall solution for the development of the area and the placement of different services has been presented as the basis for the draft plan. The work continues with refining the plan into a reference plan. Planning will progress to the design phase of the project through sub-areas, which will be defined as the work progresses.


Name: Aviapolis
Location: Vantaa
Year: 2018-
Phase: Ongoing
Size: 180 000 m2
Client: Logicor Oy and Sagax Management Oy
Arno Stenbäck, architect
Anu Virtanen, design assistant
Janne Mustonen, design assistant
3D Taito Oy, visualization