Architects Soini & Horto


Bulevardi 28

Bulevardi 28 is an early 50s building which was converted and refurbished to become a high-quality hotel in the Lapland Hotels chain. The hotel was opened on 14.1.2019.

The interior of the old building was stripped down to its concrete base in order to accommodate all the necessary facilities including new elevator shafts and building services. The hotel’s eight top floors were equipped with 182 hotel rooms, cleaning facilities and other auxiliary facilities. Over 100 of the rooms have a sauna in the bathroom.

There is a restaurant, bar, lobby, reception area, and a kitchen at the hotel’s ground floor. In the basement, there are conference, gym and toilet facilities for guests, as well as a variety of technical, auxiliary and storage facilities.

Name: Bulevardi 28
Location: Helsinki
Year: 2018
Phase: Completed
Size: 9 381 m2, 182 guest rooms
Client: LähiTapiola Oy
Partner: Interior design Arkval Oy, Main constractor NCC
Santtu Rothsten, principal designer
Teemu Asikainen, project architect
Mikko Tuomisto, designer
Leena Sassi, designer
Minerva Ahokanto, designer
Lars Ollonqvist, designer
Juuso Väisänen, designer