Architects Soini & Horto


Grand Hansa

Concept Plan

In September 2018, HYY Group (now known as Ylva) acquired the Hotel Seurahuone building from Sponda, in the heart of Helsinki. The aim of Ylva is to combine Seurahuone and some of the premises of the New Student House into one high-standard hotel. In partnership with HYY, we developed a concept for combining the hotel during the autumn, including the preliminary layouts required by the operator and authority, area calculations, exemplar room plans, and accompanying visualizations.

As a result of the project, the purpose of the above-mentioned buildings, which belong to the Kaivopiha block of architectural importance, continues to follow a long historical path. The legendary Hotel Hansa operated in the premises of the new Student House between 1924 and 1968, and a hotel has operated in the premises of Seurahuone since 1912.

Name: Grand Hansa
Location: Helsinki
Year: 2018-
Phase: Ongoing
Size: around 20 000 m2
Client: Ylva
Sami Horto, concept designer
Teemu Asikainen, concept designer
Jaakko Hassi , principal designer, project manager
Minerva Ahokanto, responsible building designer
Jari Kajan, architect
Hanna Jalassola, design assistant
Aija Palmi-Haapala, design assistant
Janne Mustonen, student, assistant
Hilla Kirves, student, assistant