Architects Soini & Horto


Haapaniemenkatu 4
Helsinki, Kallio

Invitation competition

HAAPIS is an open city space with diverse functions located in the Kallio Art Quarter in Helsinki. The surrounding area is made up of buildings of various eras, many of which have an industrial look. HAAPIS continues this tradition. Our design consists of three elements: a 330-room city hotel with restaurant, meeting and co-working facilities, a 9-storey residential building with its downstairs townhouses and workshops, and ground floor retail space. Both the hotel and residential building roofs are designed with cozy outdoor areas. HAAPIS Square is surrounded by a lively urban space with restaurants, cafes, workshops, a coworking space, a gym, and a grocery store across two stories.

Name: Haapaniemenkatu 4
Location: Helsinki, Kallio
Year: 2019
Phase: Competition entry
Size: 28 000 kem2
Client: Bonava
Anis Souissi, principal designer
Sami Horto, principal designer
Kalle Ukonlinna, principal designer