Architects Soini & Horto


Helsinki High Rise

Invitation competition

The city of Helsinki asked designing and financing parties to develop the empty railway yard of Pasila. We decided to both challenge and improve the earlier reference plan of the area both in terms of the number of towers as well as building placement.

We wanted to give something new, different and special to Helsinki, something that the locals haven’t yet seen and something that will inspire future generations and make Helsinki proud. We wanted to create citizens a place and destination equipped with high-level design, the best health and welfare standards, sustainability principles, smart technology and culture functions.

We designed a recognisable landmark and seven petite tower buildings, which are connected with horizontal and bridge-like masses on several levels. The bridges create landscapes between the buildings, continuing the north-south green belt of Helsinki. The focus when planning the buildings was on convertibility and durability so that the same structures would cater for residential and commercial use.

Name: Helsinki High Rise
Location: Helsinki
Year: 2016
Client: City of Helsinki
Partner: KPF
Richard Hogan
Sami Horto
Jari Paukkonen
Mariano Perez
Petri Toivari
Jari Pakarinen
Petteri Piha