Architects Soini & Horto


Imatra Spa Chalets & Villas

We designed leisure homes in Imatra, close to the Imatra Spa. The naturally beautiful area has grown its popularity thanks to the gorgeous nature, possibility for outdoor activities all year round and wellness services provided by the spa.

Imatra Spa Villas 1-4 include altogether 55 leisure apartments in single and double levelled townhouses and semi-detached houses with yard areas designed for communal use. The buildings are situated on a hill in the beautiful Saimaaranta area. The apartments and yard areas have been designed to have as much lake view as possible.

Imatra Spa Chalets 1-3 includes 90 apartments in four-storey buildings close to the Imatra Spa. The apartments and balconies offer a lake view over Saimaa.

Name: Imatra Spa Chalets & Villas
Location: Imatra
Year: 2015
Phase: Completed
Size: 6000 m2 + 7200 m2
Client: City of Imatra, Imatra spa
Kalle Ukonlinna, principal designer (until 2014)
Carl von Numers , principal designer (as of 2014)
Kustaa Lahtinen, project assistant and BIM-coordinator