Architects Soini & Horto


Kämp Galleria shopping centre

The Kämp shopping centre is situated in central Helsinki, in the Antilooppi block. Espagalleria wanted to develop the shopping centre by increasing the rental space and by transforming the space into a more commercial area. We took part in the renewal of the shopping centre as head designers, building designers and interior designers.

As a solution to the development wishes, we created an indoor shopping street and changed the interior look graphicly. The customer experience was taken into consideration by changing the internal traffic arrangements and by creating views between floors.

Name: Kämp Galleria shopping centre
Location: Helsinki
Year: 2012
Phase: Valmistunut
Size: 7000 m2
Client: Berling Capital Oy, Espagalleria Oy, Citycon Oy
Sami Horto, principal designer
Mikko Tuomisto, design assistant