Architects Soini & Horto



We are designing a wooden office building for Keilaniemi in Espoo.The building has a longitudinal mass that rises from south towards north, acting as a transition between the surrounding greens areas and the high-rise developments of Keilaniemi while opening terraces with views towards the Espoo archipelago. The mass functions as a noise barrier and follows an organic form that twists along the site offering varying facades opening to different directions. The soft corners and curvatures create spaces that makes visitors and users float in the space in contrast to spaces created by traditional corners.

Finnish nature was the main source of inspiration for Keilaniemen Portti. With this project we wanted to bring the forest and sense of nature back to the city and inside office spaces, where people spend a large part of their time.

In terms of functions, this building will offer an accessible shared 1st floor with a lobby, a common restaurant, a conference centre/auditorium and gym. The office spaces are located on the 2nd-12th floor. Parking spaces are located underground.

Keilaniemen Portti is unique development of wooden construction and design. At a global scale this will become the highest wooden office building and the highest wooden building in Finland of around 60 meters.

Name: Keilaniemenportti
Location: Espoo
Year: 2018-
Phase: On going
Size: around 20 000 m2
Client: Varma Keskinäinen työeläkeyhtiö
Sami Horto, project leader
Anis Souissi, design director
Kalle Ukonlinna, project manager
Marja-Liisa Honkanen, principal designer
Maija Gulin, landscape architect
Matus Pajor, architect
Elina Kyyriäinen, architect
Sofianna Suomalainen, architect
Anu Virtanen, design assistant