Architects Soini & Horto


Kielotie 15

Design and plot plan competition

The aim of this competition was to find a high-quality plot plan as a base for the city plan of the assigned area. One of the main goals was to create an urban block and bring it in as an active part of the city space. This was done by connecting the block with the other city spaces and by placing a central square in the middle of the block as a heart of it. The central square got surrounded by public and half public services such as a daycare, commercial space and a residents’ block house. A pathway cuts through the block with a view over the half public outdoor areas. The block has a common yard area.

The block is two-faced. The east side of the block has point block houses with a park view between them. The green park decking hides the block’s car parking. The east side facing Kielotie is city like. There are high commercial spaces situated on the outer corners of the block as well as in the corner spots of the pathway.

Name: Kielotie 15
Location: Vantaa
Year: 2018
Size: 32 673 kem2
Client: Bonava Suomi Oy
Arno Stenbäck, architect
Petteri Piha, architect
Ilona Karjalainen, architect
Riikka Hautala, architect
Anis Souissi, architect
Kalle Ukonlinna, architect
3D Taito Oy, 3D-visualization