Architects Soini & Horto


Latokartanontie 4

KOY Latokartanontie, located next to the Malmi public traffic terminal, consists of two tower-like buildings with differing facades. The northern tower hosts a 16-storey Noli Studios concept hotel with 238 rooms. The southern tower is fully reserved for residential use and it has 143 apartments with French balconies. Seen from outside the block, the facade of the podium is partly 1-2 storeys and partly 3 storeys.
The block is designed with inner-city characteristics. A central square functions as the heart of the block presenting glass walls with entryways to the hotel and restaurant premises as well as to the common areas shared by the hotel and residential apartments. The courtyard and the rooftop apartment yard are designed as cosy, functional premises using durable quality materials and plantings. The one-storey parking garage is located under the square with direct connections to the hotel and the apartments.

Malmi is one of Helsinki’s key development centres in the near future, and KOY Latokartanontie 4 will be a catalyst of change as well as a benchmark for the new surroundings and buildings. The central location of the property highlights the meaning of outside architecture, as the building can be seen from far and its figure and materials will constitute a significant entity for the area. New construction will lift the appearances of the whole area both in quality and aesthetics, bringing some posture to Malmis otherwise even-height cityscape. The special challenges of building high are considered in the design work.

Name: Latokartanontie 4
Location: Helsinki
Year: 2019-
Phase: On going
Size: 18 947 brm2
Client: NREP
Anis Souissi, design director
Matti Linko, principal designer
Timo Urala, project manager
Kalle Ukonlinna, project manager
Henrik Kaasinen, architect
Maija Gulin, landscape architect