Architects Soini & Horto


Haakoninlahti 1, Helsinki

Competition invitation

We took part in an invitation-only competition organised by the city of Helsinki. The aim of the competition was to design residential buildings in the block Haakoninlahti 1 in the close-to-sea area of Kruunuvuorenranta.

We designed residential buildings for different needs, from 4-8 storey apartment blocks to one or two leveled terraced houses. Our design plan, called Mojito, also included commercial space, offices and a parking lot.

Name: Kruunuvuorenranta
Location: Haakoninlahti 1, Helsinki
Year: 2017
Phase: Project was not realized
Size: 13 600 kem2
Client: Hartela Etelä-Suomi Oy and Asuntosäätiön Asumisoikeus
Ilona Karjalainen, Architect SAFA
Jari Paukkonen, Architect SAFA
Riikka Hautala, Architect SAFA
Santtu Rothsten, Architect SAFA
Karoliina Härkälä, Building Architect
Matti Pirttimäki , Architect SAFA
Mariano Perez, Architect SAFA
Kalle Ukonlinna, Architect SAFA
Jari Pakarinen, Visualizer