Architects Soini & Horto


Pajalantie 19

The objective of this project is to draw up a plan for the development of a plot of land for commercial buildings in accordance with the strategy for the city centre of Järvenpää. According to the strategy, the urban structure of the region should be intensified, and the area should have an urban appearance. The aim of the customer is to update the concept of a grocery shop to the 2020s and explore what can be achieved by bringing new housing and trade activities together in a residential environment.

The goal of the plan was to create a more urban city in the Pajala area by increasing the street space and creating a new public meeting point in the area, a central square that is located to the side of the main approach road. The roof of the commercial building will be used for urban cultivation and a greenhouse is also placed there for the shop to grow herbs. Other roof areas and the free surfaces of the parking facility are used for solar panels. Special attention is being paid to the efficient recycling materials. Recycling and waste management facilities serving the entire block are located in the commercial building.

Name: Pajalantie 19
Location: Järvenpää
Year: 2018-
Phase: Ongoing
Size: 14 500 m2
Client: Kesko Oy
Arno Stenbäck, responsible building designer
Mikko Reinikainen, architect
Emmi Mutikainen, architect
3D Taito Oy, visualization