Architects Soini & Horto


Pyynikin Trikoo

Our design site is the Pyynikki Trikoo factory area in Tampere. The task is to prepare a plan for transforming the factory block into residential and service use due to a change in the city plan. The task also includes the historical inventory and evaluation of the buildings around the factory block.

The starting point of the design has been to preserve the historical block structure of the factory, the shape and scale of the exterior spaces, and the role of the yards as an internal traffic route. The plan is built on the idea of a factory block as a small town. Introducing annexes has allowed us to study the relationship between the new construction, the industrial environment and the cultural landscape of Pyynikki ridge.

Name: Pyynikin Trikoo
Location: Tampere
Year: 2018-
Phase: Development planning stage, as a basis for city planning
Size: approx 44 000 m2
Client: Aberdeen Standard Investments
Partner: Sitowise Oy, traffic planning. Maanlumo Oy, landscape planning
Arno Stenbäck, architect, responsible building designer
Jukka Leiwo, architect
Minerva Ahokanto, architect, historical inventory and evaluation
Emmi Mutikainen, architect
Mikko Reinikainen, architect
3D Taito Oy, visualixation
Janne Mustonen, student, assistant