Architects Soini & Horto


The White Dune Tower
West Bay, Doha, Qatar


We took part in an architectural competition to design a hotel for a skyscraper situated in Doha’s West Bay. The nature and shape of the building vary depending on the viewing distance and orientation, making the building a recognizable and impressive landmark.

The design language of the building we designed combines the special features of local conditions with the undulating shape of the sand dunes. The character of the tower house is created with the design of the edge of the tile, which at the same time shadows the building and offers the possibility to expand the interior with conservatories that reach the terrace level. The edges of the tile conceal the actual building frame and give the tower a distinctive appearance. The combination of the glass facade and patio levels provide unobstructed views across the West Bay.

From a distance, the skyscraper looks single-material and wind-shaped, but as you approach the building more details are revealed. Between the tiles, the staggered terrace levels can be seen with their glazed sections, gardens that reach from one floor to another, the wooden ceilings of the terraces.

Name: The White Dune Tower
Location: West Bay, Doha, Qatar
Year: 2019-
Phase: Concept phase
Size: 73 209 m2
Client: Samrya Group
Kalle Soini
Sami Horto
Santtu Hyvärinen, project manager
Kalle Ukonlinna, architect
3D-Taito Oy, visualization