Architects Soini & Horto


Helsinki, Pasila

The planning for the new Tripla Centre in Central Pasila started in 2010 with YIT
Construction Ltd in preparation for the design competition organised by the city of Helsinki and Senate Properties. With the initiative from AS&H, the Dutch Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) joined the design team after a negotiation period. The new centre in Pasila required a unique identity, innovative architecture, a diverse mix of services, jobs and housing, and pleasant public outdoor and indoor spaces, without forgetting a strict ecological criteria. The task of Tripla is to naturally combine the East and West Pasila with one another, and in the future, the Southern Tower Area will also be connected to the residential area of Northern Ratapihakortteli.

After the design competition was completed in 2013, OMA’s part of the project ended and we took responsibility for the architectural design of the entire project in partnership with Sweco Architects, who were responsible for planning the station block. Our solution is based on three urban blocks that are intimately connected to the surrounding network of the pedestrian, vehicle and public transport routes while creating a three-block series of public spaces across the entire project.

The final appearance of Tripla really began to take shape in 2018, and the new silhouette could be seen from the distance when moving around the city. The three-block unit and the disciplined rhythm of the paned windows have become familiar to citizens even prior to the station, mall, and parking space having their anticipated opening in October 2019. We are delighted that the citizens, travelers, and tenants have welcomed Tripla. The hotel will be opened in January 2020 and the office part of the central block, named Workery West, will be put into service during February-March 2020. The apartments, that have been selling well, will be occupied in phases with the last ones of them being ready in the early autumn of 2020.

Upon close inspection, Tripla shows its small scale. The steal podium of Tripla transforms into diverse lace-like knitting. The high parts are covered with light tiles that get their rhythm from their waved smocking and eggshell-like pattern. At Fredika’s terrace, people can enjoy the soft shapes of the seated areas and various social spaces. In the residential courtyard, the dome of the original clubhouse “the village house” can be seen. Inside the mall and in the station is a magnificent plaza space that is linked with hallways edged by commercial spaces.

Tripla is much more than a mall. It is in fact a diverse service, shopping, commercial, culture, living, hotel, and traffic station providing area of the city.

Tripla is designed and built into a lively city hub that offers citizens the means for operating now and in the future. The people give Tripla the final details and life – they move in the area and meet each other for work, hobbies, shopping, dining, experiences, and events, or they find their new home at Tripla that will offer over 400 residential apartments.

Name: Tripla
Location: Helsinki, Pasila
Year: 2010-
Phase: Under construction
Size: 350 000 m2
Client: YIT Rakennus Oy
Partner: Sweco Arkkitehdit, architect design of the station block
Kalle Soini, leader of the architect group
Jaakko Hassi, principal designer
Marja-Liisa Honkanen, principal designer
Matti Linko, principal designer
Peter Ögard, responsible building designer
Jari Paukkonen, responsible building designer
Arno Stenbäck, responsible building designer
Richard Hogan, project manager
Elina Kyyriäinen, project manager
Jukka Leiwo, project manager
Erkki Nurmi, project manager
Stefan Ochsner, project manager
Mikko Soini, project manage
Sonja Vasiljevic, project manager
Kirsti Ala-Keturi, design assistant
Aija Palmi-Haapala, designer
James Boothroyd, project architect
Marko Bunn, project architect
Arnd Dewald, project architect
Markus Eskola, interior architect
Satu Eskola, project manager
Jari Heikkinen, project architect
Merja Helander, interior architect
Sanni Herttuainen, interior architect
Karoliina Härkälä, project architect
Hanna Jalassola, design assistant
Jari Kajan, project architect
Kristiina Kaitala, architect
Sakari Kangasmetsä, project architect
Ilona Karjalainen, project architect
Eerika Kulju, design assistant
Eija Linna, design assistant
Peter Meyer, project architect
Pekka Niemonen, project architect
Maria Novikova, project architect
Carl von Numers, project architect
Olli Ojatalo, design assistant
Lars Ollonqvist, project architect
3D Taito Oy, visualization
Petteri Piha, project manager
Mariano Perez, project manager
Teija Piirto, interior architect
Vesa Putkonen, BIM manager
Esa Sallinen, project architect
Boro Sanchis, project architect
Sebastian Savolainen, project architect
Henrik Simelius, project architect
Michael Stover, project architect
Elina Toompuu, project architect
Petri Toivari, BIM manager, project manager
Milka Tulinen, architect
Kalle Ukonlinna, visualization
Bruno Vaz, project architect
Juuso Väisänen, project architect
Marjo Vänskä, project architect