Architects Soini & Horto

Santtu Rothsten, Partner, Managing Director, Architect SAFA


Me and AS&H

Ten years ago, I sat down with Sami Horto for lunch and talked about the possibility of working with Kalle’s (Soini) and Sami’s newly founded company. I remembered the time Sami and I planned the ice rink in St. Petersburg in the late 1990s. The lunch conversation led to the fact that I got to soon work as a replacement for someone on parental leave. And I never left; I worked as a consultant for the first years and then moved to the AS&H payroll. I have been since the beginning of 2018. AS & H’s President and CEO and I was the executive vice president the preceding year.

Work inspiration

The themes that excite me have changed over the years. In the early stages of my career, my motivation was designing challenges and the successful completion of projects. Coordination of a complex design project team also ignited passion, as well as taking the main responsibility of design projects.

With career development, I’ve become more and more inspired by the creation of a project: the need has been identified, a potential implementation chain has been identified, and financiers, developers and operators have been identified. I get enthusiastic about working with people, managing and making decisions, and being able to employ the staff of our office. In my current role, I can influence, among other things. what our daily work is like.

Work appreciation

I value my independent work and the ability to define what kind of work I do; I’ve earned my position with my achievements. Years ago, I was able to make housing design one of our company’s industries, and this has since become an important pillar of our operations. I also appreciate all the trust that has been given to me.

Proud of projects

I am proud of many of my projects. I’ve got to work with good people, and every project is the result of cooperation. If I were to point to one project, it would be Auratalo or Cumulus Hotel Meilahti (current Scandic). This project was challenging and eventful, but we did a great job; especially in terms of customer relationships and cooperation between authorities.


My motto is: Everything is possible. But you have to try.